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Produsage at the Frankfurt School

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Frankfurt School Audience

From WebSci '09 in Athens (conference blogging here), I've arrived in Frankfurt (where it actually snowed this morning...), for the Prosumer Revisited conference over the next few days. My first official engagement today was a guest lecture for Cultural Science stalwart Carsten Herrmann-Pillath at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, though - not the kind of audience I usually speak to, but a very relevant one for a guest lecture on produsage nonetheless. My presentation is below - when I have a chance, I'll also add the audio from my talk.

Many thanks again to Carsten for the invite, and to the students for some very insightful questions - I hope I answered them well, and hopefully I'll see some of them again as part of the joint Masters programme between the Frankfurt School and QUT's Creative Industries Faculty!

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