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Produtzung in Frankfurt

I've posted some more detailed information about this over at, but visitors here might be interested to know that I'll be speaking at the (German-language) conference Prosumer Revisited at the end of March. No prize for guessing that my contribution to the event will be to offer the concept of produsage as an alternative to Toffler's prosumer, which in my view acknowledges consumers' knowledge about the products they're using but doesn't offer them sufficient agency as users and content creators. (And of course Toffler introduced his concept in the early 1970s, so he couldn't possibly have foreseen what forms of user participation well beyond prosumption today's technological frameworks would make possible.)

While I'm there, I'll also drop by the Sino-German School of Governance at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management to visit fellow Cultural Scientist Carsten Herrmann-Pillath and give a guest lecture about produsage to his students. So, if you happen to be in Athens or Frankfurt during the second half of March, drop by - and if not, expect the usual conference blogging here and at

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