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Produsage Book Officially Launched

It's taken me a while to get back to blogging after the CCi conference a couple of weeks ago - for a full report on the sessions I attended, see my coverage at I'll try to post a little more regularly again now, although I'm still in that post-book slump that does tend to set in for a while after the completion of a major writing project. (I'm actually finding a good deal of my time taken up with projects related to my earlier book on citizen journalism at the moment - there's a certain ebb and flow to these things.)

Henry Jenkins launches several books at CCi 2008For the moment, at any rate, it looks like I can let the produsage book itself do the talking for me. One of the highlights of the CCi conference was to see Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage be officially launched by Henry Jenkins (alongside a raft of other publications by various QUT colleagues), and I hear that it's had a good presence at the recent ICA conference in Montréal as well, and will be featured at the Peter Lang stall at AEJMC in Chicago, too. Its sales ranking on Amazon has also been consistently strong since it first became available in February - many thanks to all of you who've bought a copy already. Please do get in touch with comments, criticism, and ideas for further research, too!

Beyond the citizen journalism and blog mapping projects I'm currently involved in, a good part of my research work will swing back towards produsage proper - especially also now that the Smart Services CRC has officially launched (more on this soon). My CCi paper foreshadows some of my future interests in this context - in particular, the question of how pro-am collaborations may operate under a produsage framework.

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