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New Produsage Articles

Hello produsers – it’s been too long. I’m afraid I’ve been sidetracked with other research projects and haven’t had much time to update this blog – but at least I wanted to post a quick update to point to a couple new publications.

My new article on produsage and business, published in Information, Communication, and Society, extends my thoughts on how community and commerce may be able to co-exist alongside one another:

Axel Bruns. “Reconciling Community and Commerce? Collaboration between Produsage Communities and Commercial Operators.Information, Communication & Society 15 May 2012. DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2012.680482.

My chapter in Digital Difference, which builds on a paper I presented at the ICE3 conference in Scotland back in 2007, outlines my thoughts on produsage and education:

Axel Bruns. “Beyond Difference: Reconfiguring Education for the User-Led Age.” In Ray Land and Siân Bayne, eds., Digital Difference: Perspectives on Online Learning. Rotterdam: Sense, 2011.

There are a few more produsage-related articles in the pipeline – so more soon, hopefully. We really should do this more often…