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The Future Is User-Led: The Path towards Widespread Produsage

Axel Bruns. "The Future Is User-Led: The Path towards Widespread Produsage." Paper presented at PerthDAC 2007 conference, Perth, 16 October 2007.

In the emerging social software, 'Web2.0' environment, the production of ideas takes place in a collaborative, participatory mode which breaks down the boundaries between producers and consumers and instead enables all participants to be users as much as producers of information and knowledge, or what can be described as produsers. These produsers engage not in a traditional form of content production, but are instead involved in produsage - the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement. This paper examines the overall characteristics of produsers and produsage, and identifies key questions for the produsage model.

Powerpoint Presentation with audio (25 mins.):

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