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Produsage and Its Links to Business

I’m currently travelling in northern Europe to attend a number of conferences – and along the way, I’m also presenting a number of guest lectures on produsage. This extends on the book itself, combining it with the outcomes of my work for the Smart Services CRC, to explore the connections between community produsage and commercial operations at what we might call the pro-am interface. It’s an updated version of the presentations I gave at the JMRC in Sydney last year.

Here’s the presentation, with audio from my talk at Metropolia University in Helsinki on 28 Oct. 2010. I also presented a shorter version of this talk at the University of Göteborg on 20 October, and will do the same at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in a few days, on 3 November. My sincere thanks to Robert Arpo at Metropolia, Oscar Westlund at Göteborg, and Gert Nulens at Brussels for their invitations and hospitality!